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Principal - Jennifer Talley

Secretaries - Kameron Hambrick   Tammy Covey  


 Nurse Diane Holliman 

Pre K Teachers

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Pre K Teacher Assistants

                                                                  Mrs. Meade's Website    Mrs. Shields' Website


Special Education Coordinator - Julie English

Special Education
Instructional Coach - Valerie Brown 
Student Intervention Specialist  
Library Media Specialist - Linda Truitt

Guidance Counselor - Stephanie Pendleton

Music - Diana Hall
Physical Education - Joshua Cox

ESL Teacher - Linda Trochim
Speech -Angela Obst


Cafeteria Staff
Claudine Radford,Nanci Hernandez, 

Student Assistance Specialist - Kym Cundiff

Custodians - Brenda Edwards and Mary Vest


Bus Drivers


Claudine Radford, Theresa Dooley,

Karen Cannaday

Bradley Hodges,

Cindy Merritt


Family Liaison - Audrey Flora