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Recent Events at Ferrum ~ 2016-2017

Congratulations to Ms. Jessica Jamison, Special Education teacher! 
She is our teacher of the year for 2016-2017.

Mrs. Brown's SFA reading group at Ferrum Elementary School has been reading a story called A Trip Around the World of Musical Instruments. To help with a visual and sound demonstration Mr. Brian Keith brought in his Djembe, an African drum. Students enjoyed looking at the carvings on the drum as well as tapping out a beat.

Kindergarten students at Ferrum Elementary School are practicing their days of the week. They dance to the Macarena and The Addams Family songs to help them remember. The movements along with the catchy tunes help them remember the days of the week.

Ferrum Elementary School's first grade students are learning about the different ways to measure. You can measure the temperature, length and height of things, and also the weight of many objects. Using blocks, scales, thermometers and other tools the students enjoyed learning all of these different ways. They had the most fun measuring each other and comparing.

Family Fun Fitness Night Letter.docx

Family Fun Fitness Night List.docx

The first graders at Ferrum Elementary School have been studying maps. They need to know the parts of a map and cardinal directions. To make this lesson more interesting they made a pirate map. They then had to follow direction to find where X marks the spot for hidden treasure. The students had fun making and showing off their map making skills. 

We had a busy day in Kindergarten! We have been learning about Fall and apples so we made applesauce.  We also invited a deputy in for a surprise visit to give him handprint "high fives" made by the kids and candy bars to say thank you.  We sent a bunch with him to distribute to other police officers to thank them for a job well done.

Second graders at Ferrum Elementary School are learning about erosion. To help demonstrate this the teacher gave them a cookie, toothpick, and a straw. They first had to be a plant and grow roots in the soil. Next the "rain came" to make the soil easier to erode. Then the high winds came to further erode the rocks. The students enjoyed this hands on activity.

Students in Kindergarten are learning about their five senses at Ferrum Elementary. This was our day for our sense of taste. Students tried a pretzel for something salty, lemon juice for something sour, gummy bears for something sweet, and cocoa powder for something bitter. These young students enjoyed learning about all five of their senses but taste was their favorite.

Monday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Students at Ferrum celebrated talk like a pirate day with a song on the morning announcements, " It's a Pirate's Life for Me." Then the pirate talk began maties. There were pirate jokes all day. The book How I Became a Pirate! was also read. Kindergarten students made pirate hats and hooks for hands. The good news is no one had to walk the plank.

The second grade students are studying the water cycle. They even made it rain in the classroom! Mrs. Quesenberry took a jar of hot water then placed a lid of ice on top of it. As the steam hit the cold lid it made condensation which made it "rain".   To help them remember the correct order of the water cycle the students made bracelets.

Ferrum students celebrated Constitution Day on Monday Sept. 12th. They discussed what the U.S. Constitution is all about, who wrote it, and its importance. The students read books, watched educational clips, and then made flags.

The Lion's Club visited Ferrum Elementary School to screen the vision of all students. This is one of the first eye exams some students receive. Through this check students will learn if they have an eye problem. If they need glasses, the Lion's Club can also help.

 Ferrum Elementary School had some special visitors. All the students invited their grandparents to come to breakfast. A large number of them excepted this invitation and enjoyed breakfast with their grandchildren. The students enjoyed showing off their grandpas and grandmas.

Ferrum Elementary School held elections. Students from all grades had an opportunity to run for a position. The students had to make posters and start campaigning for the job they wanted. They then had to prepare a speech and deliver it in front of the entire school. The final count came in and we have the winners. Every classroom has a representative to speak for them at meetings. SheaAnna Boyd is the new president, Ethan Galliher, vice president, Maddison Sloan, secretary Karinna Gonzalez-Torres, treasurer.

Treasurer  Karinna Gonzalez-Torres
Secretary Maddison Sloan
President SheaAnna Boyd
Vice-President Ethan Galliher

To help promote fitness Mr. Joshua Cox, Physical Education teacher at Ferrum Elementary School, has started a running club. The students joined Mr. Cox on the track at 3:00 and ran until 4:00 every Tuesday. The student's family is encouraged to join them on the track. This is a great way to spend time with friends and family while keeping in shape.

Mrs. Avery Tosh, 5th grade teacher at Ferrum Elementary School, has found a real world way to help students with math. Mrs. Tosh received donated menus from Applebee's. She then uses the menus to give scenarios they may encounter. The students have multiple step problems using addition, subtraction and multiplication.  They are also learning about money and the use of decimals with this activity. 

5th Graders at Ferrum Elementary School received extra practice adding and subtracting decimals during WIN time today.  Students played a game of Bingo using dice and a game board.  The object of the game was to answer decimal sentences correctly and to be able to get six of your colors in a row on the board!  One student exclaimed that she never knew math could be so much fun until this game!

Ferrum Elementary School's 2nd graders are using a new strategy to help them with math. Moving around is the only way some students can learn. The motions and movement help them retain the information better. These students are using the learning carpet to help achieve better scores in math. The students were randomly given a number and they had to place them in the correct order. They then skip counted by 2's, 5's and 10's .

5th graders at Ferrum Elementary School practiced adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals with a new twist on an old classic board game, Chutes and Ladders.  Partners took turns moving up the game board by solving addition and subtraction problems involving decimals.  We were all grins with this math practice!


Mrs. Love's great-great grandfather passed down photographs that he actually took during Confederate times of the Civil War.  Mrs. Love brought in these artifacts to show the class as we begin diving into the Civil War.  Students got to see a photograph of Bull Run, a Confederate Post Office, and a picture of General Robert E. Lee. They were amazed!! Talk about bringing history to life!!

2nd grade students at Ferrum Elementary have been learning about America being the melting pot of the world. To help them understand this a little better they made a diversity salad. They added cheerios, marshmallows, chocolate chip, and cran raisins into a big bag. Each ingredient represented a different nationality. Even though they were all different and have their own taste together they blend well and create something new. The students enjoyed this little snack to help with learning.

Students in 5th Grade at Ferrum Elementary School  are learning about the events leading up to the Civil War. To make life before the Civil War come alive, students participated in group presentations to fully explore Differences in the North and South, Life Under Slavery, Nat Turner's Revolt, Responses to Slavery, and Leaving the Union.  Students made props out of classroom materials and created their own skits to teach their classmates about their team's topic.

Ferrum Elementary School held it's back to school night. The evening started with a pizza dinner provided by the PTO and served by Ferum teachers. The parents also had the opportunity to sign up for a public library card, boy scouts , and a variety of other community activities. The night ended with the students being able to show off their room and their teacher. 

Sitting still is hard for all young children. Mrs. Pendleton , guidance counselor, taught a lesson on active listening. The students watched a video on Mr. Wigglebottoms then they received play dough.  They students had to make what body parts Mr. Wigglebottoms should have used. They made ears for listening, eyes for watching, hands for holding still,and closed lips. 

Ferrum Elementary School loves to read. They help the first of four reading celebrations for this school year. There was lots of dancing, cheers,and prizes. Chilly made an appearance and danced with the students. Names were drawn to receive a free book and wings handed out to students who soared to a higher reading level. The classes joined their new reading groups and cheers roared as the students left with their teams. When they made it to the room more activities awaited. The teams made name tags, created team names, and then played bonding games. Some teams had to as a team keep the balloon up in the air other teams where learning to play a song on bells. Reading is so much fun at Ferrum.

Ferrum Elementary School had it's first lock down drill of the year. To insure the safety of all students in case of a real emergency all Franklin County students practice lock down drills. Students went to designated areas to hide from view. Doors are locked and students are not visible from the window or door. 

To help to remember to be quiet in the hallways the 3rd graders at Ferrum Elementary School made quiet toes. They nibbled graham crackers into the shape of a foot. Then they added toe jam ( icing ). Next were the toes (marshmallows ). The students  enjoyed this little treat and the added bonus was the refreshed their memory on how to walk in the hallways.

The 2nd grade students at Ferrum Elementary School made a friendship salad. Each ingredient had a special meaning. The strawberries were good citizens, blueberries were good helpers, marshmallows were kind words, the yogurt was the class working together. After mixing it all up we had a second grade friendship salad. The students agreed that the rotten banana ( bullies)  didn't belong in their class.

Ferrum Elementary School had the first of many fire drills. The entire school, which includes 255 students plus teachers, exited the building and were in their designated safety areas in under one minute. Franklin County Public Schools are required to have 2 fire drills a month for the first 2 months and then once a month the remainder of the school year.

Safety is very important to the Franklin County Schools. Bus drivers from transportation are visiting every pre-k and kindergarten in the county. Ferrum Elementary students listened and learned a lot about bus safety. They watched how the lights, sign, and safety bar work. Then the students boarded the bus and went over rules. The last thing that they practiced was exiting the bus from the rear.

Ferrum Elementary fourth grader teachers find fun ways to make reviewing fun. The first couple of weeks there is a lot of reviewing to be done to help refresh the students minds. Place value battleship was a big hit. The 1st student would say " Do you have a 9 in the hundred thousand spot?" if yes it would get marked out. Which ever person guessed the complete  number sunk the battleship. The other fun game was in language and it was called fictionary. The students were given an unfamiliar word. Their partner would give them the correct definition and a made up definition. The partner had to guess the correct definition to get a point. Ferrum teachers always have a way of making learning fun. 

Ferrum Elementary School's second graders played a getting to know you game. They started out with a ball of string. The first player had to tell something about themselves then toss it to another person. When everyone had shared and tossed the string to another person the room looked like a spider had built a big web. It joined the room together as one.

Ferrum Elementary School Pre-K students are learning the magic of letters and numbers. They are learning letter formation , recognizing letters and numbers, then writing these numbers and letters. The amazed look when those letters formed their names was incredible. 

Ferrum Elementary 5th grade students took advantage of the cooler weather on the first day of school.  Mrs. Saleeba and Mrs. Tosh's classes used the snowballs to get to know their classmates.  Each student wrote 3 things about themselves and then balled them up to create snowballs.  Students then threw the "snowballs" .  When the fight was over, students had to use the clues on the snowball to find the person who wrote it.

The kindergarteners at Ferrum Elementary went on a gingerbread man hunt the first week of school. The went around the school following his path. Everywhere they went he left a clue to help find him. This activity was to help the students learn their way around the school. The final clue was back at their room. The students were very excited to go on this little adventure.


2015-16 School Year
Here is a link from the Williamsburg Field trip. 

Ferrum Elementary School had a very busy week. To celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday there was a creative way to acknowledge his most loved books. On Monday, Green Eggs and Ham was served for lunch. On Tuesday, for The Sleep Book everyone wore pajamas. Wednesday was wacky hair day for Dr. Seuss's Whoville hair.Retired teacher and a retired principal came to read. Thursday was Cat in the Hat day. Students did a buddy read where the upper grades read to the lower grades.Friday was a big exciting day. All the students dressed up like their favorite book character and paraded around the school. To end this fun week cupcakes were served and happy birthday Dr. Seuss was sung.

Ferrum Elementary School had some very special readers. Retired teachers and a retired principal returned to Ferrum to read to students for Read Across America Week.  The students were so excited to see some of their former teachers and to hear stories from others about Ferrum in the old days.

Ferrum Elementary School has came up with a variety of ways to teach matter. If you were in first grade you may have had fizzy purple cow juice. The ice cream was the solid, the grape soda was the liquid, and the fizzy bubbles were the gas. If you were in second grade you may have built a snowman. The went out and gathered snow and built a snowman. This was the solid. As the snowman melted it became a liquid. Ooopppsss it's gone when it evaporated into a gas. Maybe  you have become the solid, liquid or gas. Some students dressed up to show how the molecules look in a solid, liquid, gas. Ferrum teachers are very creative and use a variety of ways to make sure every students understands the lesson.

Julie Nix, school board representative, visited Ferrum Elementary School. She was shown love and appreciation from every classroom. The students made cards and gifts for her. They found out her favorite animal is a penguin and her favorite color is orange. She received a basket of all of her favorite things.

Abraham Lincoln came to Ferrum Elementary School. Well actually several came to visit. Mrs. Gordon's kindergarten class had a study of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington for President's Day. The students all made hats and beards to wear. On the stove top hats they all wrote one thing they learned about our President Lincoln.

Ferrum Elementary first graders were very happy they won the party. Students were asked to bring in boxtops and the class with the most would receive a pizza party. Mrs. Shields's class brought in 1,059 box tops. That is $105.90  raised for the school. The supplementary money will be used in getting needed supplies for the school.

Pre K students at Ferrum Elementary School made "moo" shakes. The students have been  talking about making healthy choices. As a class they each got a turn to pour milk, add fruits, put in ice, and then blend the shakes. Some students really enjoyed the shakes while other students think they would like a different flavor. Give students smart choices at a young age will encourage them to make better choices as they get older.

Ferrum Elementary School custodial staff had a surprise waiting for the students when they arrived back to school after a long snow break. After cleaning up the parking lot and sidewalks from all the snow and ice the custodial staff decided to have a little fun. They built a small snowman holding a flag that says Ferrum on it. The students have thoroughly enjoyed this gesture". Do you want to build a snowman ?" was being sung all down the hallway. Then stories began about how big of a snowman they made at their house during the storm.  

Ferrum Elementary students are learning to play lacrosse. Bradly Hoback , the physical education teacher, is teaching the students all about team sports. Working together as a team is important to accomplish your over all goal. Lacrosse is a sport that began with Native Americans in our area. The students have enjoyed learning the history as well as the game.

1st pic ~ Bradley Hoback
2nd pic~ Grace Jones and Laken Prillaman

Fitness is very important at Ferrum Elementary School.  Bradley Hoback , physical education teacher, hosted a family fitness night.  He encouraged parents to spend time with their children being active. They began the night with dancing. The students loved watching their parents try to whip and nay nay. They also used games to work the brain as well as the body. Nutrition wasn't left out of the discussion either. A game was set up to help them fill their "plate" with a healthy diet. Learning math facts as well as other subjects can be incorporated into your daily exercise routine also. The main theme for the night was to just keep moving and making good choices. Having fun as a family will make healthy living more enjoyable .

Ferrum Elementary students had an opportunity to shop for their family. The students were able to shop and pick out what they thought their family would like for Christmas. The students really enjoyed being able to choose the actual gifts themselves.

Ferrum Elementary School held its annual Holiday Program. It started off with singing Holiday songs with the entire school. Then the first graders told a story with songs. Next the steel drums gave an awesome performance. They even told the story of the Grinch with the sound of drums. Then the Singing Panthers sang with angelic voices. Finally, all the performers gathered on the stage and sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

The third grade students at Ferrum Elementary are studying soil. To help them understand they have been looking at real samples of the different layers of soil. The teachers decided they still needed a little help to get the differences in the soil memorized. So they made an edible model. Crushed Oreos with pops was the bedrock, cheerios were mixed in for the subsoil, coco crispy with gummy worms were the topsoil. The students really like studying the soil this way.

Kindergarten students at Ferrum Elementary School got a special frozen gift from the North Pole. As the teachers unwrapped the cold package the students were watching with awe. When the box was opened, it was an Elf on the Shelf with a special note from Santa. The students look forward to seeing where the Elf has landed when they arrive in the morning and if a good report was delivered to Santa.

Ferrum's Ruritan Club brought dictionaries to all 3rd grade students at Ferrum Elementary School. The students were very excited to receive these special books and were very eager to use them.

1st pic Marshall Prilliman and Bob Greenawalt handing out dictionaries.
2nd pic Lucas Amos and Ericka Turner checking out their new books.

Scholastic Book Fair

Our Book Fair is next week Nov. 16 - 20th . You can also choose to purchase books online through the link above by clicking on the picture. The online book fair has much more to choose from and is open until November 21st. Please support our school by coming to the book fair next week. Our grand event will be on Thursday Nov. 19th as we will be having a dinner and Bingo for Books. The book fair will also  be open from 3:30-5:55. Bingo for Books begins at 6:00 p.m. and dinner will be served at 5:00 p.m. Hope to see you there !! Ms. Truitt, LMS

Nov. 11, 2015
Ferrum Elementary School kindergarten classes recently attended a wedding. Ms. Q married Mr. U. Mrs. Mitchell was the official performing the ceremony. The entire class was in attendance to this happy union. Mr. U promised to never leave Ms. Q alone that he would always be by her side. They promised in front of the entire class to work together. They even have a new sound as a couple. After the union of Q and U they had a reception to follow the blessed event. The students tried to think of as many words as they could with QU together.  It was a fun day for all.

Ms. Q ( Avery Pittman) & Mr. U ( Adam Furrow)

Nov. 11, 2015
Smith Mountain Lake Dam 3rd grade field trip
Third grade students at Ferrum Elementary School visited Smith Mountain Lake Dam. As part of their Science studies on resources this was an excellent opportunity for them to see first hand how Franklin County uses it resources. They learned about how natural resources along with human resources created an energy resource that is beneficial to so many in our county. The students were also surprised at how big the dam was and how many working parts it had.All of the students enjoyed this trip and couldn't  wait to share what they saw and learned with their parents.

Nov. 11, 2015
4th and 5th grade trip to Williamsburg
Pictures sent by N. Quesenberry

Nov. 3, 2015

Here a pumpkin there a pumpkin everywhere a pumpkin. Ferrum students visited Sinkland Farms. They listened to a fall pumpkin story then they were off to find their perfect pumpkin. They also went through a hay bail maze for fun.

Displaying unnamed[3] (2).jpgDisplaying unnamed[3].jpg

Kindergartener at Ferrum Elementary School had a cooking lesson. They were comparing apples by color and size. They also talked about the different foods you could make from apples like apple pie, apple fritters, candy apples, caramel apples, apple butter and apple sauce. The teachers took this opportunity to bring a team building activity into the lesson. Each student brought in an apple. The teacher cut and peeled the apples. The students put them in a crock pot , poured in apple juice, added spices and then mashed it together. After that they just had to sit back and wait. They enjoyed their afternoon snack of apple sauce and apple juice. 

First grade students at Ferrum Elementary School had a little fall fun. They read fall stories and then made puppets to go with it. For math they sorted candy by kind of candy, size and color of wrapper. They then graphed the different kinds so they could compare them.

Ferrum Elementary School kindergarten students are celebrating fall. They read books about scarecrows and then dressed the part. Some costumes were very elaborate using real straw for stuffing. Straw hats and bibs were the main attire.  

Nov. 2, 2015

Ferrum Elementary School celebrated Red Ribbon Week last week. Each day the students dressed differently for a reminder of the day. On Monday --" I mustache you not to do drugs," all students wore mustaches, Tuesday was " I can't see me doing drugs" and they wore camo. Wednesday was a mix it up day "new friends are all around you pick a new crowd" the students sat with different classes during lunch. Thursday the students dressed as their favorite book character for " My character counts I'm drug free". Friday things wrapped up with "Don't let drugs mix you up." they all wore miss matched clothing. All the students liked participating to show how much they were against kids using drugs.


                                                                  October 2015        
In honor of breast cancer awareness month Ferrum Elementary School's PTO bought the entire staff a T shirt. The shirt was in honor of Stephanie Young a mother of a staff member and grandmother to two Ferrum students. The staff wore the shirts proudly and have agreed to wear them every Friday in the month of October to show their support for all women battling breast cancer. 
August 10, 2015
Ferrum Elementary School had a great first day back to school. Few tears were shed by children the parents on the other had had several. Teachers and students were glad to get back to a routine and spend time with their friends. We hope the rest of the year goes as well as the first day.

1st pic ~ James Holland giving Mrs. Talley a fist bump
2nd~ Zayden Forbes skipping to school

August 12, 2015
Ferrum Elementary School had it's first fire drill of the school year. The school safely evacuated 256 students in 55 seconds. The students were given a challenge to make the  exit time shorter. The students will have plenty of practice. It is county policy that every school have a fire drill once a week for the first month and once a month after that for the remainder of the school year.

August 14, 2015

Ferrum Elementary School 5th graders are working on team building activities. Together as a team they are able to accomplish many task easily. Dr. Church and Mrs. Talley also join in on the activity. All students shared a compliment about another student before passing the yarn to another student. As the compliments grew so did the team web. To make the point of how important it is to be a team the teachers then gave examples of when someone wouldn't be a team player. As these examples were given they had to drop part of the string. There was no string by the end. Only working together can they stay a great team.

Dr. Church and students                   Mrs. Talley and students

August 17, 2015

Ferrum Elementary School's second graders are building a new community. As the students get to know each other and their new teachers they participated in a delicious bonding activity. The teachers gathered several different kinds of fruit. The students had to tell them what kind of students did they want in their classroom. The answered helpful, kind, hardworking and active listeners. The teachers then added yogurt for the teachers and support staff who help blend things together. When the teachers asked if they should add a rotten banana they got a very loud NO. The banana was a bully or someone who never wanted to participate with the class. The lesson was well received by the students. When they were done making their friendship salad they not only enjoyed it themselves but shared with others in the building.

Ella Henne and Mikayla Bowling

August 20, 2015
Second graders at Ferrum Elementary School are learning about diversity. America is the melting pot of the world. What does that mean the 2nd graders were asked. Everyone has ancestors from other countries. They bring with them different cultures, traditions,food, and clothing. To better demonstrate this the teachers made a trail mix. They added people to "America" ( a big bowl). Europeans (cereal) , Scottish ( marshmellows), Africans ( cranberries), and Irish (chocolate chip ) . The students enjoyed this visual and the snack.

1st pic ~ Branna Dunlap and Michael Duke
2nd ~ Nyashia Menefee and Gaitlin Patterson

August 21, 2015

Ferrum Elementary Students celebrate getting into their new reading groups. They assembled together as a whole school to begin the celebration. The students then split into their groups to work on team building activities. They worked together as a team to create a name for their individual groups. They also built structure out of noodle pieces. As a team they had to build a strong structure that couldn't be blown down by another team. Only by working together could this happen.

1st team poster creating
2nd Emma Holland, Kendall Walker, and Cooper Stanford building strong tower
3rd cheering each other on

August 21, 2015

Fourth grade student at Ferrum Elementary are looking into plants. They need to know all the parts of a plant for their 4th grade SOL. No problem for them . They just grabbed a magnifying glass and started examing  it. It was a close up look at the roots, petal, stem, and lots of little parts too. These fourth graders will have no problem identifying  the parts now.

1st~Moriah Quesenberry
2nd~ Sheanna Boyd and Dakota Rakes

Sept. 4, 2015

Ferrum Elementary School's first graders are feeling a little flat. They had a social studies lesson on diversity. How people are alike and different depends on their ancestors. They had their friends trace their body. They then had to make it look like themselves. The paper people were all different sizes , color, and had different characteristics. The students then place the paper students into their chair and awaited visiting parents to see.

Sept. 11, 2015

Fourth graders at Ferrum Elementary School wrote their own book. They had to brainstorm ideas that a reader might want to hear about. They then went through the planning stage. After editing, revising and illustrating they had to market their books. The first graders were very interested in hearing about these stories. The fourth graders took their books and read to the first graders. They loved all the adventure, mystery, and scary books.

1st pic Adrian Rigney and Mackenzie Young
2nd pic Brent Barbour and Sheanna Boyd

Sept. 22, 2015

Second graders at Ferrum Elementary School are studying weather. They have been talking about the water cycle and how to make rain. They started by taking jars and setting them on the grass. After leaving it in the sun for 1/2 a day they rechecked  the jars. Tadah it had "rained" in the jars. These students are amazed  with how weather works. They are really shocked that the same water the dinosaurs had is the same water that falls on their heads now.

Sept. 23, 2015

The 4th grade students at Ferrum are taking a part and putting things back together. One of their SOLs is to learn about fractions. How many parts can make up a whole? These students are using hands on manipulatives to help them solve the problems.Using visual aids and seeing how things are broken down makes learning not only fun but easier.

1st pic Gess Gallian and Kirsten Perdue
2nd pic Ava Dillion and Paris Hall

Sept. 25, 2015

 Ferrum Elementary School teachers challenged each other to minute to win it game. A selected group of teachers were asked to pick up a popsicle stick , place 6 dices on the stick and race across the room in a minute without dropping any dice. The first one to finish was given a prize. This activity was to show how a student is given a task they have never done before and asked to complete it in a certain amount of time. The Ferrum teachers had fun participating in this challenge but also took something positive away from it.

pic 1 ~Tressa Moore and Dana Furrow
pic 2 ~ Kelly Paquette

October 2015

The second graders are taking swimming lessons through the Franklin County YMCA program "Safe Swim".  Students are grouped into beginning, intermediate and advanced levels according to their skills.  Students are given free lessons every afternoon for two weeks.  A lot of growth is seen in a short amount of time.  Several have stated that they have "conquered their fears" after two lessons! Donations are needed for this program to continue in the future.  


Ferrum Volunteer Fire Department visited Ferrum Elementary students this week for Fire Prevention Week. They talked with PK through 1st grade students. The students learned how to prevent fires but if one should occur what to do. They helped them come up with a plan they could talk with their parents about. The fire fighters came dressed in full gear to show the students what they would look like so they wouldn't be afraid. The best part for the students was seeing the fire trucks, equipment, and water hose. When the full presentation was over they all received their own fire fighter's hat.

As 3rd graders at Ferrum continue their studies on Ancient Greece they had to stop for a quick snack. They sampled foods that the Ancient Greeks may have had served to them. There were lots of olives ,olive oil, grapes, grape juice, and baked goods. The olives were not such a great hit but the grapes and baked goods were enjoyed by all.